Add-On Services

Mansuscript Formatting

We format your manuscript to comply with the guidelines of your target journal. This includes formatting page layout, title page, headings/sub-headings, main text, in-text citations, and reference list, as well as arranging sections/sub-sections, tables, and figures at required positions, per the guidelines of your target journal. We point out any missing element in the manuscript and indicate if the document or any section exceeds the prescribed word limit. We also check the veracity of all references through online check.

Cover letter preparation

We offer drafting of an impressive cover letter to the journal editor, highlighting the novelty and relevance of your study, as well as emphasizing its suitability for publication in the target journal, in clear and concise manner.

Response letter preparation

In this service type, we draft articulate responses to reviewers’ comments on your manuscript, clearly explaining how each of the reviewers’ concerns has been addressed or suitably rebutted.

PER (Paid Extra Rounds)

PER (Paid Extra Rounds) includes editing your document multiple times, as per your requirements/to conform to the instructions of your target journals. This service can be availed if the number of rounds of editing exceeds the free editing offered within the scope of the service chosen.

Note: We apply 15% surcharge over the standard rates for 5 rounds of editing beyond that offered within the scope of the service chosen by you. Subsequently, for each 3 rounds of editing 10% surcharge is applied.

Abstract Writing

Pangaea provides drafting of an effective and concise abstract for your manuscript, in compliance with your instructions/guidelines of your target journal.

AQ (Author Queries)

  • Efficiently addressing the queries of the authors on documents edited by our team
  • Also, includes checking minor changes made by the authors, in the documents