Substantive Editing Services


Our Substantive Editing service ensures that your manuscript goes through a thorough language and structural edit so that you receive a well-written, logically structured manuscript, increasing your chances of publication in your target journal.
  • Stylistic changes for improving the presentation, flow, and structure of the text, along with the correction of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word-choice, and consistency to clearly and eloquently present your research and ideas.
  • Includes improving the content and pointing any major ambiguity.
  • In-text comments to explain/resolve issues in language, style, and structure.
  • Formatting your manuscript to comply with the guidelines of your target journal.
  • Word count reduction up to 10%, if requested/if the document exceeds the word count limit prescribed by your target journal (if the word reduction leads to loss or omission of relevant information, we offer suggestions for reducing the content).
  • Checking one-to-one correspondence between the in-text citations and reference list, and ensuring the consistency in the format of references.
  • Checking veracity of all the references through online check.
  • Cover letter drafting.
  • Includes four rounds of editing; additional editing rounds are to be paid for.
  • Language Quality Assurance Certificate, if requested, provided the entire manuscript has been edited by us; only the author names, affiliations, and reference list can be excluded.